Nearly 3.7 million skin cancers are diagnosed in the US annually, and the vast majority of them are caused by solar UV radiation. Having beaten cancer, PGA TOUR player Joel Dahmen knows the toll it can take individually and on a family unit. For him, wearing a bucket hat is no longer an ironic fashion statement. It’s an essential accessory for long days on the course.

When it comes to bucket hats, Joel’s choice is Imperial, so we caught up with the Washington native about his affinity for the bucket hat and sun protection.

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Imperial: When did you start wearing bucket hats and why?

JD: I was playing at Fishers Island and simply wanted to get a hat from there because the place was so cool. They had a bucket hat and I thought, “Why not!” It was pretty hot at the time and I actually wore it on Tour that week and ended up getting paired with Tiger, so it just became my thing. I always wore them at home in Arizona while practicing in the sun because it offers so much sun protection. Being a cancer survivor, although not skin cancer, just always makes me aware of that kind of stuff.

Imperial: Why did you choose Imperial sun protection hats for the course? 

JD: I just love the fit and the materials. No matter what the elements are they always seem to be appropriate and I feel good wearing them.

Imperial: Bucket hats are definitely considered trendy now. Other than because you’re wearing them, why do you think that is?

JD: Well, you already stated the obvious. I’m a trend setter, I guess. Really, I think it has to do with the awareness on health and longevity of life. Any edge that people can get they will do it, and keeping the sun off of you when you have to be outside is a big deal. Leather is only good on baseball gloves, not faces.

Imperial: How has cancer affecting yourself and your family made you more attune to focusing on health?

JD: I have a deep history with the horrible disease, obviously. Losing my mom to cancer, and my brother and myself both having it as well, has changed my perception of who it can affect. I really see the little things now. I have a trainer, something I never would have done before. My wife Lona is an amazing cook and she makes me eat all kinds of healthy things I usually wouldn’t. So just opening up myself and my ability to try to think outside the box for the better of my health and my family is just something that is important to me.

Imperial: Which Imperial hat is your favorite? Why?

JD: This may be a trick question? But obviously I have two favorites. The bucket hat I wear is the Hampton, and the awesome looking rope hats! Imperial does an amazing job making them for me and their team couldn’t be any more supportive. Their willingness from day one to get behind a charitable cause like this to #endcancer is just so cool to see, and have all my partners be on board to make a difference in peoples lives just really speaks volumes.