At Imperial, we’re big fans of Joel Dahmen’s bucket hats. With May being Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we thought it’d be fun to catch up with Joel, especially since he just won his first PGA Tour event at the Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship in March.

Before reading his interview below, let’s take a closer look at the End Cancer Collection. We collaborated with both Joel and the MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2018 to design a line of sun protection hats and rope hats that express a very distinct message: end cancer.

Joel Dahmen’s Bucket Hat for the Win!

White with navy binding sun protection hat, End Cancer logo on front, front viewImperial white performance cap with End Cancer on the frontImperial navy cap with white rope, End Cancer logo on front, front viewImperial white sun protection hat with mesh sides, black chin strap, End Cancer embroidery on front

After Joel’s battle with cancer (he won!), he teamed up with MD Anderson and Imperial to give all those involved with cancer hope and a way to celebrate. Battling cancer is a family affair, affecting more than just the person with the diagnosis.

That’s why the End Cancer bucket hats are so important to Joel’s story. While he didn’t have skin cancer, he knows he can prevent undergoing another battle by protecting his skin on the golf course each day. If he can raise awareness, give his fellow fighters hope and empower everyone, he would consider that his biggest victory. A portion of the proceeds from every End Cancer hat purchase goes to the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The End Cancer Collection comes in three styles – bucket hats, rope caps and performance hats. Joel’s go-to bucket hat style on the course is The Hampton, which we also offer in several colors and in a junior size. This golf bucket hat has 50 UPF sun protection and keeps your head cool and dry with its moisture-wicking technology.

The End Cancer Old Norse Sun Protection hat goes a step further than your typical bucket hat. These Imperial bucket hats are the only patented, chemical-free golf buckets on the market, which means your head cools down the more you sweat. With the mesh sides and wider brim, this sun protection hat is ready for any adventure.

A personal favorite of Joel’s, the End Cancer golf rope hat comes in The Wrightson style. The contrast between the rope and high crown front panel is stylishly cool and sure to become your favorite as well.

Last but not least, the End Cancer Performance Cap is another lightweight, breathable option you can wear on the course or while walking your dog.

Customize Your Own Golf Hat or Golf Bucket Hat

If you’re feeling Joel’s vibe but want the End Cancer logo on a meshback hat, you can customize your own hats. If you love the idea of wearing a bucket hat to the course but want to add a taco logo, you can customize your own bucket hat.

Like Joel, Imperial wants to inspire you to make your style your own. Design your own hat and share it with your family! There’s nothing like matching your team.

Let’s Catch up with Joel Dahmen

  • First and foremost, congratulations on your recent win in Puntacana! Tell us how you felt after it all sunk in and during all the media attention that followed.

The feeling is obviously unreal how hard it is to win a golf tournament and overcome so many emotions at the same time. We – my team and I – have put so much into getting better over time and to have it really pay off with the first big W means a lot. Media is fun, but I really just tried to do what I needed with the TOUR and then get back to [my wife] Lona and enjoy it.

  • Compare the vibe of your rookie year on TOUR to this moment. Has this recent win has affected any plans for your career in golf?

Your rookie year you feel kind of lost a lot. You don’t really have a group per say that you are with all the time, and now being part of the “winners” is a pretty special full circle. I won’t really hang with Rory and those types of winners daily, yet…but I have my crew and we are all pretty tight, that won’t change. The only plan that changed is for me to win more, because it’s fun when you do.

  • There was a great moment during the trophy ceremony when your famous bucket hat almost blew away, but your caddie caught it dramatically at the last minute (winning him the title of ‘Employee of the Year’ we assume?)… As a result, the hat was briefly trending, so we’re continuing that momentum into May for Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Tell us about your decision to team up with MD Anderson and how you became an advocate for skin cancer survivors. 

Geno was on the ball there for sure, it was a great moment and he didn’t even spill his beer! 

MD Anderson has been a great partner and we teamed up pretty seamlessly. My team and I decided that it was time to start making a difference and telling my cancer story, and I was more ready than I had been to use the golf platform to do so.  So we partnered and put their logo on the hat and I’d say it’s gone pretty well so far. The charitable aspect with them has been great as we are able to donate back through the hat sales to their MD Anderson Charities, and Imperial.

  • How has sharing your story affected your journey with Cancer?

Well, it keeps me tied to the struggle that it was. I get countless messages literally every day. I try like crazy to respond to as many as I can, but I’m only human Harry. I enjoy helping people and allowing my story to help them define theirs…this is a blip in their path hopefully just like it was in mine.

  • The #endcancer logo features the word “cancer” with a red strike through the center. As a cancer survivor, is it more of a symbol of support or triumph to you?

It’s both for sure. I had a triumph, but not everyone gets to feel that the way I do. So I want people to know that I am golfing for them, with them, and I’ve felt what they have. Golf will never be life or death, cancer is. As long as I keep that in front of me and that thought remains, I think anyone going through cancer can relate. That’s the key…to let them see someone hopefully on TV that can give them hope and a slight moment to not think about their position, but where they will be when they end their fight!

  • Your famous bucket hat is obviously an essential accessory for your long days on the course, but it too has become a symbol for so much more. Last time we caught up with you, you told us that the materials and the fit of The Hampton is what makes it your go-to. Tell us about your first time wearing one and how that practical fashion choice has evolved into a message about the importance of sun protection.

I put it on to be sun safe for sure because my neck was getting fried. So I just decided to make the choice and make it my go-to. It’s more than just sun protection for me, it’s a story. It starts there, but it has evolved into something that is dear to me, my family, and my team.

If you want a Joel Dahmen golf hat, head to the End Cancer Collection today and help Joel give hope to those fighting their biggest battles. A portion of all proceeds from the Joel Dahmen hats will go to the MD Anderson Cancer Center.