The performance hat is a staple accessory for anyone engaging in outdoor sports and activities. These hats are built to last, created with the finest materials to help you make the most out of your next match.

These classic hats offer moisture-wicking sweatbands, sun protection, and a touch of style to your next day out – and their popularity certainly makes them a winning choice to add to any outfit. 

What makes a performance hat just that is its ability to help you move throughout your sport or activity with ease. Where does the performance hat come from and how can you rock this look today?

What Is a Performance Hat?

Performance hats are caps built for movement. They’re created with specialized materials to be lightweight, durable and moisture-resistant to help you stay cool, safe and at the top of your game.

These breathable golf hats are great options for athletes spending a lot of time outdoors where it can get hot and bright. These caps provide much-needed protection from falling sweat, loose hair and the glare of the sun.

The best part? They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to fit the needs of everyone. They might have started off as a traditional baseball cap, but they’ve certainly transformed into something more.

The History of Performance Hats

Like most caps, the performance hat stemmed from the traditional baseball hats of the early days. The early 1900s saw the introduction of a more traditional baseball cap when the Detroit Tigers added it to their uniform roster. 

Since then, performance caps have morphed depending on trends in pop culture – like the rise of Hip Hop. Today, you can find performance caps across all major sports brands.

And just like with rope hats, performance hats have easily made their presence known in the golf world. Today, you’ll see a variety of custom logo golf hats for men and women making their rounds on tour.

Are you ready to join the ranks? Explore some crafty options from our catalog of exciting performance golf hats.

Imperial Performance Hats Stand Out From the Crowd

Ready to hit the ground running but not sure what cool golf hat or funky sports cap to wear to the next event? Imperial has a wide variety of fitted hats and other golf apparel to get your head in the game – you can even design your own golf hat if that’s better for you!

Get Golf-Ready With Clever Designs

white performance cap featuring flamingo with a green hat embroidery

If you want to kill it on the golf course but want to look cool doing so, this flamingo golf hat is the perfect choice. It’s a lightweight, breathable cap with a cool, casual look and feel perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes as you make your way around the golf course.

Here at Imperial, we have a large variety of golf-inspired designs that are playful, unique and creative. Show off your own passions and see how they can all come together over a fun game of golf.

Shop the Flamingo Golf Hat

Show Off Your State Pride

Another great performance hat option is this ladies performance hat inspired by Alabama’s state flower. In fact, you can represent all of the states thanks to our State Flower Collection of designs.

Have fun in the stands, in the outfield, on the beach, or on the court with this eye-catching, playful, and fun performance hat.

Shop the State Flower Hat Collection

Stay Cool With Refreshing Imagery

If you’re looking to beat the heat, get some air circulation and stay cool, this meshback performance cap is a great option. The durable build, breathable design, and moisture-wicking material make it a stellar choice for hot days where you know you’ll get your sweat on.

Pair it with a fun and funky design inspired by our Refreshments Collection to show off your fun-loving side. Or maybe, you’re just looking to have a good time and you want everyone to know it. Whatever your decision, this clever cap is a great option to keep you cool and focused on the day ahead. 

Shop the Refreshments Collection

Create Your Own Performance Hat

Looking for something more your speed? We’ve got you covered.

Design your own customized performance hat today thanks to our robust online hat maker. With it, you can take any hat design and make it your own, choosing the right colors, patches, embroidered icons, and more to let the world know who you really are. You can also upload your own to design and take the customization one step further.

Our design-your-own-hat option is a great choice for people that dare to be different. Not only that, but custom hat design with Imperial is a breeze – it’s never been easier to create a custom golf hat that looks the part while also being extremely functional.

And who doesn’t love tacos, right? This taco-inspired golf hat is a cool, creative, and cleverly designed cap that puts a smile on everyones’ face. Have it on hand the next time you hit the golf course or pack it in your bag for your next outdoor adventure. When you wear an Imperial hat, you know you can handle anything.