Box calling out mix and match for Design Your Own

At Imperial, we’re all about expressing yourself, and we like to think we help you achieve it in a cool way. Design your custom hat with two different (but equally awesome) options.

When you design your own hat, you are choosing every piece that goes into your ultimate look. You choose the style and fit, the color and the logo – the combinations are endless. Kick off your custom hat design with a golf hat, a bucket hat, a rope hat, a trucker hat, tour visor or another popular option. If you have a color in mind already, go for it; otherwise, we suggest browsing our awesome logos and coordinating your hat color to match. We offer logos for all your favorite activities like golf, boats, tailgates, dogs, beer, food and more.

Design Your Own Hat – Choose From Golf Hats, Bucket Hats, Rope Hats, Trucker Hats, Tour Visors & More

There are plenty of reasons to customize your own hat. From planning a golf trip with your ultimate foursome to celebrating a bachelor/bachelorette party, Imperial Headwear wants you to celebrate in style and have a memorable keepsake you can wear anytime, anywhere. So go ahead – choose the funny golf hat that will have you laughing your way through 18 holes. And the bride’s favorite animal? You can get some pretty rad rope hats with flamingos on them, too.

Make your Imperial hat your own and show off your style (or your canine bestie). Not many people can say they have custom bucket hats with their dog on them.

Custom Embroidered Hats for the Masses – Golf Hats Galore

It’s time to make a statement. Do you have a big event or golf outing coming up? How about a family reunion? Design your own logo and get custom embroidered hats for everyone! Whether you’re a boss who wants to surprise everyone or the designated party planner who wants to impress your guests, design your perfect custom hat with Imperial Headwear. You can design a custom rope hat that spices up your company logo for that golf outing or create custom work hats that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd (and get you a golf clap for your style).

Our revolutionary design process gives you all the freedom in the world. Have your own design handy? Upload it and boom, done. Have an image in mind and just can’t get it onto paper? Check out our Designer tool and create it. After that, it’s simple – choose your favorite hat style (perhaps a custom trucker hat or even a custom golf visor?) and color, and then choose the quantity.