Sustainability is how we create long term value for both our customers and society. There is not a more important issue than striving toward a safer and better planet.

Mike Wrightson, President of Imperial

Major updates for 2023 include impressive strides made towards the brand’s industry-leading commitment to sustainability. Imperial’s focus on the development of high-grade performance fabrics made from GRS and Oeko-Tex® certified recycled polyester, and the sourcing of Oeko-Tex® certified organic cotton fabric, has led to a third of all Imperial styles now being in alignment with the Sustainability Project.

Imperial has also made strides in increased energy conservation in the last year. As of January 1, 2022, approximately 25% of the power used in two of Imperial’s largest domestic decoration and USA made visor facilities is now provided by solar energy.

Imperial’s platform is based on the pillars of Compliance, Environmental Excellence, Waste Reduction, and Energy Conservation:


We will comply with all customer, international, federal, local and governmental policies. We will audit for compliance and maintain action plans that ensure that we move forward.

Environmental Excellence

We will strive to create a positive impact on the environment through our business policies and development of our people. Our roadmap will consist of looking for environmentally friendly alternatives in all aspects of our business: raw materials, production methods and production equipment and facilities.

Waste Reduction

We will strive for zero landfill. We will track and develop for month to month and year over year improvements.

Energy Conservation

We will strive do more with less through execution of a vision that continually reduces all resources. We will develop action plans that drive and track continual improvement across all these resources.

The journey towards sustainability and improved environmental responsibility will not be easy and will require many strategic decisions, new ways of thinking and working. One technology or process will not be the complete answer. It’s more about being bold and having the courage to stand up, make these declarations and begin to align the tactics for our organization and operations.

David Shaffer, Senior Vice President of Sales

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