Imperial has been in the business of providing quality hats, shirts and other accessories to round out your arsenal of golf attire. We’ve worked with designers, professional athletes, artists and more to craft exceptional gear that boosts performance and shows off your inner style. And thanks to a recent acquisition, Imperial is adding golf belts to our product offering.

We’re introducing an exciting line of comfortable, functional golf belts to give your game, and your fashion on the golf course, a bit of a helpful boost.

Getting Into the Golf Belt Game

After the acquisition of J.T. Spencer belts, Imperial is building upon their strong legacy. According to Steve DeWalle, President of J.T. Spencer:

“When we started J.T.Spencer eight years ago, I could not have imagined the successful journey we would have in the golf world, and joining the Imperial family is just the next step in continuing our incredible growth trajectory.”

With this acquisition, Imperial is excited to announce a new line of creative belts to add to their other stylish offerings.

Just like with hats, belts have their own history, full of trends and changes that have shaped their place in the golf world today. Let’s dive in.

A Brief History of Luxury Golf Belts

Belts have long been tied to golf, ever since the conception of the sport. In fact, before trophies, winners of golf tournaments were actually awarded belts.

The most famous belt in golf was the Challenge Belt, which was awarded to The Open Championship golf winner from 1860 to 1870. Of course, this belt wasn’t a fashion statement and was quickly replaced by trophies like the Claret Jug, but it goes to show just how prevalent this accessory can be.

Golf belts have been a staple for players since the sport began. How else were players supposed to make it through 18 holes without their pants falling down?

Golf belts have become slimmer, sleeker and more functional over the years. There’s been an increased push for high-quality materials, playful logos and additions that have upgraded the outfit game on the golf course.

Many brands utilize a mix of top-quality leather, cotton and other materials to create a comfortable, classy belt that also shows off your pride, prowess and playful personality. Imperial provides luxury logo golf belts that include a variety of designs – from golf clubs and tees to creative drink icons, animals, embroidered designs and more.

Today, golf belts are all about fashion and function. That’s why this acquisition opened so many doors, allowing our team to create a full line of exciting, embroidered golf belts that make it easier for you to dial in that next shot while exuding personality and style.

Fun and Funky Golf Belts for Men

Imperial is kicking off its men’s golf belt offering with a variety of colors, styles, designs, embroidery, and more to help round out your golf wardrobe the next time you make it out to the golf course. 

Our line of Imperial belts are 1.25” wide and will feature a repeating icon design across the band. We’ve incorporated only the best, high-quality materials, including premium cotton, full-grain leather, and a solid brass buckle. There are 18 color combinations to choose from depending on your own personal preference.

In addition to these, Imperial is rolling out a huge catalog of icons and designs so you can pair your favorite performance hat with a belt of the same design.

Embroidered icons and designs include animals – like dogs and ducks – golf clubs, pimento cheese sandwiches, flags, shamrocks, and more. The possibilities – and combinations – are endless.

Pair Your Golf Belt With a Customized Hat

Our online hat maker makes it easier than ever to create a custom design that you can quickly and easily pair with your new, luxury golf belt.

Take this Tour Visor® bedazzled with the cutest golden retriever you’ve ever seen – you can create a custom design like this one to match the little puppies on your belt. That creates a truly all-encompassing look that will make you feel good as you make your way to the final hole. 

Here at Imperial, we care about providing our customers with cool, high-quality products that boost performance and make life fun. And these golf belts are just another way we’re helping you complete your next outdoor look.

Find the Best Golf Belts for You

Imperial might just be entering the luxury golf belt game, but we’re no stranger to first-rate products to help boost performance, comfort, and confidence whether on the golf course, on the pickleball court or simply enjoying a day out with friends and family. 

Thanks to our acquisition, we can continue to provide our customers with the exciting golf attire that helps them win, and have fun while doing so. We’ve infused the same care and passion we put into our other golf attire options into our golf belt offering to provide a top-notch experience on and off the course. 

Wear your golf belt to your next tournament or rock it at a family barbeque. The versatility, durability, and cleverness of these belts make them perfect for any and all occasions.

Grab your cap, get your belt buckled, and get ready to have some fun.