The world is full of endless possibilities, with exciting adventures around every corner. You just need to know where to look. But once you do, you can unlock a whole new world of outdoor wonder. So let’s don our Indiana Jones-inspired outdoor hats and get moving.

Here at Imperial, we love to explore, challenge ourselves and push boundaries. One of the best ways to do that? Just get out there and have fun! But before you hit the wilderness around you, it’s important to dress the part.

That’s why we’ve crafted an enigmatic collection – The Get Lost Collection – to help you become one with nature with fanciful designs and logos that emulate the wildlife that’s around us. 

Hats From The Get Lost Collection That Connect You With Nature

Designs from the Get Lost Collection vary in style, but they all embody a piece of nature that’s inspiring and creative. For the fishermen out there, you’ll be happy to know that this line comes equipped with a wide variety of fish icons to show off your pride and let your fellow colleagues and friends know just what you’re capable of reeling in.

Have Fun Fishing With a Bass-Themed Cap

When you think of fishing, what fish comes to mind? For many people, bass fishing is one of the first things that pops into their head. That’s why we’ve created a line of outdoor hats where you can represent this legendary fish. Our bass fishing hats come in a variety of fun styles, colors and designs and they’re perfect for a day on the water – like this bucketmouth bass performance cap.

Bass fishing can be a challenge, but our hats make it a little bit easier to enjoy your time out on the open water thanks to their lightweight design, durable fabric and simplicity, making it easy to blend in to the nature around you while standing out from your fellow fishermen.

Try Out a Trout Icon on Your Next Trip

grey hat with rainbow trout patch

Imperial offers a number of trout-inspired designs as well, from embroidered pieces to stained-glass accents and more. This rainbow trout ripstop cap is a winner, for obvious reasons. It’s simple, eye-catching and easy-to-wear. That’s important when fly fishing – you need a cap that’s stable and durable with all of those fast movements. 

You don’t have to worry about a faded, overdone design when you choose Imperial – we go above and beyond to create a cap that is durable enough to withstand a few extra splashes while still looking cool.

Imperial has a number of rainbow trout hats all made with slightly different materials and designs to fit your style while still paying homage to the hard-to-catch fish. Embrace the nature around you and get lost in the day ahead – all while sporting a creative cap that shows off your fishing prowess.

Look Stylish With Marlin Designs

pattern print hat with marlin patch

Are you ready to have some fun in the sun? This marlin-inspired rope hat combines a fun, textured pattern with the funky marlin to really stand out. Our clever fishing rope hats make fishing fun, especially for those just venturing into the fishing game. 

Plus, how many marlin hats have you seen that are unrelated to baseball? Not many, that’s for sure. 

Here at Imperial, we want to create an inclusive, exciting environment. That’s why we create men’s and women’s fishing hats in a variety of styles and designs to make sure there’s a cap for everyone. The next time you’re out in the open sea, fighting against the waves to take home your prized catch, you can do it with a cap that looks and feels like it’s ready for business.

Redfish Hats Make a Statement

meshback hat with redfish patch

If you’re in the redfish game then you definitely need a redfish hat like the meshback cap we offer. Our durable hats are perfect for any and all climate or weather conditions, providing lightweight and breathable sun protection while out in the deep ocean.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – like, for instance, sweat and sunburns. And if you’re a fan of the classic fishing and wildlife colors, we’ve got you covered. Choose one of our classic caps that offer the hues of nature – especially if you’re trying to blend in with your surroundings as you hunt for the perfect fishing spot.

Explore the Unknown With Customized Fishing Sun Hats

bucket hat with trout patch

You also have the option to design your own hat – and if you’re out on the water under the hot sun, a fishing trucker hat, bucket hat or sun protection cap is the perfect solution. Choose from a variety of hat styles, shapes and colors and slap on one of the eye-catching designs from our Get Lost Collection.

Create the best fishing hats in your friend circle and look cool rocking it. 

Have fun with images of bass, trout, ducks, marlins, mallards and more. The best part is that our designs all have their own unique versions – you can choose from a stained glass rainbow trout, the brook trout, and more just to name a few. 

sun hat with get lost patch

We have an extensive collection of fishing hats for men and women that be designed in a variety of ways – adding a splash of color here, a textured pattern there and even playing with embroidery to create a warm-weather hat design that stands out while you’re out navigating the water to find the right fish to take home.

The best part? Creating these custom wildlife-inspired hats is easy. Browse from our extensive catalog of hat styles that fit your needs – whether you know it’s going to be hot, sunny and muggy or cool and shady. From there, choose a color, pick a clever design – a patch, an embroidered icon or more – and then we handle the rest. 

Use Stickers to Decorate Your Outdoor Gear

outdoor stickers

If you want to take it a step further, our Get Lost Collection also comes with a variety of fun and creative fish stickers to help you deck out your favorite water bottle, camera, helmet and more. Show your love for all things outdoor adventure with these awesome stickers.

Made from vinyl that’s thick and durable, these weatherproof, die-cut stickers are protected from scratches, water and sunlight so you can be confident in the eye-catching designs. Wow your friends and family with these crafty accessories – like this vintage-looking bass sticker.

Getting lost in the wonder of the foliage and wildlife around you just got easier. Take these stickers and their matching hat designs with you wherever you go – on land, at sea and beyond. 

Get Lost in Imperial’s Fishing-inspired Collection

Imperial’s Get Lost Collection offers a wide variety of styles, colors and designs – from rainbow trout to redfish, marlins, mallards and beyond. And there’s no shortage of ways to pay homage to these creatures with our creative fishing bucket hats and fishing designs.

There’s nothing quite like a day out on the water, and our sun protection hats are sure to keep you cool and sunburn-free. And you can be confident in the styles, too.

Adventure is just a few steps away, so go grab your favorite nature hat and get exploring.