Summertime is here, which means it’s time for you to design your own hat that will match all your summer adventures. No matter if your plans are to play golf, hike a mountain or lounge by the pool, you’ll want an Imperial hat to keep you company. And if you need some inspiration, check out our bucket list for you and your bucket hats.

Now, if you know anything about Imperial Headwear, we’re obsessed with golf and think you may be, too. To kick off the summer in the right way, we released a few new hat styles and colors as well as tons of fun hat logos that you’d love to wear to the golf course; no matter where your vacation takes you this summer, you can always show your love for your favorite game with our trendy golf hats.

That’s not to say every day is dedicated to celebrating golf (though we wouldn’t be opposed). We also designed logos for other summer activities we all enjoy, like camping, roadtripping, drinking and spending time with our best (canine) friends.

So, take a peek at our newest hat logos below, along with our latest styles and colors, and see how you can incorporate golf into your summer vacation (even if it is simply a golf hat). That’s what our personalized hat tool is all about!

Make Your Own Hat: Road Trip Edition

A custom hat design for your summer road trip is the perfect item to pack. Road trips are all about creating memories, so why not slide some golf references in there no matter where the car, van (or cart) takes you. 

When you picture a squiggly line, are you imagining your car traversing roads out west or your golf shot? Commemorate either with our Shape Your Shot logo from our online hat designer tool; by adding this logo to any one of our bestselling hats, you’ll have a smile on your face — either you’re remembering your road trip fun or laughing about a golf shot you tried to thread through some trees.

You can also go the non-golf route when it comes to road tripping. Did you spend an inordinate amount of time with your family or friends in an RV? If they literally drove you crazy (but you can’t help but love them), get your family golf hats with our new elephant logo to remind them of their circus summer. 

You can also put our brand new RV logo on our brand new Barnes Cotton Rope Hat, which is lightweight and comes in several natural tones. If you like to kick it old school, switch out the RV logo for our cool Camping Glyphs on our new Hullabaloo Tie-Dye Performance Cap instead! 

Lastly, sometimes it’s nice to have a logo on your hat that can keep people guessing about the meaning. With our new State Flower Collection, you can subtly display your favorite state on your golf hat. On the flip side, you can add some city patches to your golf hat or even a buffalo-shaped mountain to pay tribute to the west in general.

No matter which way you decide to prepare or commemorate your summer road trip, Imperial has tons of hats and summer logos to choose from. Don’t forget we also have new car logos — the Model Tee and Caddy Caddy.

Personalized Golf Caps: Fun in the Sun

Wearing your golf cap design in the sun is a no-brainer — how else will you celebrate summer without getting a sunburn on your face? Whether you’re headed to the beach, the pool or somewhere else with plenty of sunshine, Imperial has new hat styles and logos with the island vibe.

On the golf course, is your go-to saying when you hit it in the bunker “Just heading to the beach!”? Maybe you’re a phenomenal bunker player who can hit it high and soft to one foot every time. If so, the Bunker Rake hat logo is for you.

For a less conspicuous golf reference, our Sun Tee golf logo on The Humdinger performance hat will get the job done. With a heathered texture and colors ranging from a dark grey to pacific blue, The Humdinger golf hat fits the island theme seamlessly.

Golf Rope Hats for Dips and Sips

Is it really summer if you don’t have a golf hat that represents food or drink? With a golf twist, we’ve debuted the Transfusion and Chili Dip icons. 

Do you take part in the transfusion cocktail on the 19th hole? Or did you start your transfusion early and chili dip your chip? Either way, these golf references are a blast and are sure to be a conversation starter. Add one to the front of the new Manifold Cotton Rope Cap.

Did we mention the Chili Dip icon would be perfect on our new Habanero Performance Rope Cap? In addition to the sporty rope design, the Habanero is a spicy way to wear a more structured hat.

Embroidered Golf Hats Your Best (Canine) Friend

The dog days of summer are here, which means it’s time for you and your pup to explore while wearing your new favorite trucker hat. Imperial already has quite the Canine Collection, but we’ve added more breeds this summer, like Pitbulls, dachshunds and Pugs. Embroider Fido’s breed on whichever hat suits your eye, and you’ll have Fido with you wherever you go this summer (whether you hired a dog sitter or not).

Your golf cap designs are endless, just like your summer plans. Now that we’ve added all these new golf hat styles, icons and even colors to our timeless Performance hats and Wrightson rope caps, you can build your dream summer hat. 

You can design a golf bucket hat with our Moon Man icon (yes, astronauts can bomb their drives while on the moon) or a mesh back hat with a patch of a bear surfing on a longboard; a custom golf hat with all the fixings, like a golf cart, golf shoes or a rangefinder, or a Tour Visor® with an island green or windy round logo. The possibilities are truly endless.