If you’re looking to have fun in the sun, enjoy a nice warm day on the water or just look cool, a bucket hat is a great option to do so. These comfortable, easy-wearing hats keep the sun rays out of your eyes and add effortlessness to your persona that’s hard to miss.

But when were bucket hats actually invented? What makes a bucket hat a bucket hat? And why have they grown in popularity as much as they have? Even more so – how can they look so cool? 

Let’s dive into the history of bucket hats and learn how to incorporate this lackadaisical accessory into your next outfit. 

What is a Bucket Hat?

Bucket hats are simple, sun-protection accessories that have a wide brim going all around the hat. In many cases, this hat is created with heavy-duty material to withstand the elements. Many people use bucket hats during intense activity – when out golfing, fishing, or doing any other outdoor sport.

Bucket hats were initially intended to keep the sun and sweat out of the eyes during prolonged periods outdoors. Of course, bucket hats have certainly evolved since this first iteration, and have made their way from fishing boats to New York Fashion Week. 

History of Imperial’s Bucket Hat

The first bucket hat was introduced in the early 1900s. It was made of wool or other durable material and worn by fishermen and farmers. These hats were compact, easily folded, and could be cleaned with ease, making them a staple in wet, muddy conditions.

However, their popularity quickly transformed. By the 1960s, the bucket hat became an inventive fashion accessory adopted by women of the time – think of the cloche-style hat. Small, simple, and rounded – almost form-fitted to the head.

These hats continued to skyrocket to infamy, with many actors, musicians, and entertainers donning the signature cap. Most recently, it made waves during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Nowadays, when you think about bucket hats, you think about style, not necessarily performance. And this hat has weaved its way into many different arenas. 

Imperial has always had a fondness for these hat styles, and we have a wide offering of golf bucket hats, pickleball hats, and more. These hats truly capture the essence of style, class, and je ne sais quoi that adds mystery and flare.

Capturing Style and Ease With Bucket Hats

Our Imperial golf bucket hats offer many opportunities to show off your sense of style all while staying cool under the hot sun – whether you’re on the golf course, at the pool or on the patio enjoying a cold drink.

We’ve created a wide variety of sun protection hats to help you enjoy whatever activity your heart desires – and look good while doing it. This island-inspired bucket hat, for instance, is the perfect accessory for a summer beach party or a boat ride along the coast. 

These funky caps are certainly trending, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to stay on the trends, too, working with a variety of artists and organizations to use these hats to make a difference and make a statement – like SlackerTide

Our collaboration with SlackerTide is one of those partnerships that has made an impact, and these designs ooze that cool, calm, and collected nature that bucket hats equally exude. This collection of women’s and men’s bucket hats screams “let’s have a good time.” The SlackerTide bucket hat is a perfect choice to don while out on the golf course or cheering from the sidelines. 

With creative new styles always emerging, this collaboration emphasizes the need for everyone to get out, have fun and prioritize enjoying the simple things in life. Let loose. Enjoy the moment. Be effortlessly you.

These hats are versatile enough to wear anytime, anywhere. They’re fun, durable, and above all else – stylish. 

But if you’re looking for something a little more “you,” Imperial offers plenty of options to create a personalized bucket hat that captures your own personality and style.

Customize Your Own Bucket Hat

Imperial’s custom bucket hat maker is a great option for those that want to rock this fun-loving cap, but want to do something special at the same time.

Whether you want to rock your favorite drink with a sun protection cap or you want to have fun with our funky embroidered bucket hat golf icons, there are endless options to choose from to create customizable bucket hats that meet your needs. 

The process is easy, too. Simply click through to our custom hat maker, choose the style that meets your own personal preferences, and then play with colors and designs. We offer a number of different bucket styles to choose from, and our collection of funky icons, embroidered designs, and cool patches goes on and on. The hardest part will be deciding which design you think is best for your next adventure. 

You can also upload your own design to your hat and make it 100% unique. We don’t have any minimum orders, so you can buy a custom bucket hat for your friend group or just for yourself.

Imperial Can Help You Find Your Cool

We all know that bucket hats scream “rock on,” so we’ve made it our mission to infuse this mentality into all of the fun and funky styles we have to offer. Our collections include pickleball designs, floral compilations, patriotic patches, and more. 

We inspire you to dare to be different, embrace who you are and just have fun with it. And with an Imperial bucket hat, you can be sure to do all three.

Additionally, because their durability, sun protection qualities, and moisture-wicking material are top-notch, you can be sure that they can boost your performance on the golf course, on the pickleball court, or during your next beach volleyball game. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s unfold those bucket hats and hit the ground running.