Considered the unofficial fifth major, the 2023 Players Championship is quickly approaching,
and fans of this favorite stop on the PGA Tour are no doubt starting to get their golf hats ready
to go.

Not only is the legendary TPC Sawgrass course absolutely gorgeous and the competition
unbeatable, but the energy of this tournament is always a highlight. If you’re planning on making
the trip to Florida, there is so much to look forward to, including our Imperial golf hats in the
merchandise tent.

If it’s your first time attending or watching, you may be wondering, “What is The Players

The Players Championship is an annual tournament owned by the PGA Tour. It’s one of the
highest-regarded tournaments in the sport, though technically, it’s not considered to be a
traditional ‘major’ on the tour.

When many people think of The Players Championship, one of the first things that comes to
mind is the TPC Sawgrass 17th hole. For those who are unfamiliar, the 17th hole is known as
the “Island Green,” due to its intimidating placement in a lake. The hole is a wide green that
narrows on the right side and is a short-length par 3. Spectators love watching their favorite
players tackle this hole, which is as challenging as it is beautiful.

Imperial Gear for The Players Championship 2023

To get ready for this spectacular affair, one must dress accordingly – preferably with The Players
Championship hats and t-shirts. There’s nothing better than donning your favorite golf caps and
repping with t-shirts. Luckily, Imperial knows a thing or two about golf gear, and we have plenty
of options for you to choose from before tee-off.

When it comes to tour gear, like The Players Championship t-shirt or hat, you can check out
your options in the merchandise tent, also known as the Fan Shop, at the tournament. These
items won’t be available online, so buying this swag at the tournament is going to be your only
opportunity to pick up a cool golf hat from The Players Championship line of Imperial gear in

For those of you who want to make sure you have an appropriate hat to take to Florida with you
before you check out the merch tent, we’ve got you covered with ideas for customized golf hats
that match the vibe of The Players Championship, the unofficial fifth major.

The Fan Shop will have great options for The Players Championship merchandise that you
won’t be able to find anywhere else. Available in a number of colors and prints, you won’t want
to leave Florida without one of these exclusive picks. They’re also going to make excellent gifts
for anyone in your life who is a big fan of The Players Championship or has TPC Sawgrass on
their golf course bucket list.

For The Players hat options in the tent, you’ll find men’s golf visors like our signature Tour
offered in different colors, plus The Original Performance Cap and The Catch and
, which has an adjustable mesh back hat. Pair any of these (and more!) with The
Players Championship t-shirt and you’ll be good to go.

This is your one and only chance to buy these 2023 items since they won’t be sold online. Walk
away from this year’s tournament with brand new swag and hold onto this highlight of the PGA

Design a Custom Hat for The Players Championship

If you’ve been itching to add a new hat to your wardrobe, The Players Championship is the
perfect opportunity to do that – Imperial has several options for customized golf hats that are
totally unique and definitely you. Using the custom hat maker, all you need to do is select the
style of hat, from men’s bucket hats to a golf visor or a custom golf rope hat, there are so many
options to choose from.

Next, you can add your own words or logos to your cool golf hat, or you can pop one of
Imperial’s icons on it to finish your look. The best part when you design your own hat? There’s
no minimum for custom logo golf hats, so you can order just one if that’s all you want.

Below, check out how easy it is to personalize your own Players golf hat and other styles.

If you’re looking to design your own hat to fit the hot and sunny weather and you’re interested in
taking a peek at Imperial’s icon options, we’ve narrowed down some of the best options for a hat
befitting The Players Championship. See if any of these appeal and get going on creating your
customized golf hats.

Celebrate the Sunny TPC Sawgrass 17th Hole

Anyone going to The Players Championship is anxiously waiting to watch competitors at the
17th hole, also known as the “Island Green” hole. Embrace the sunny-weather theme with some
Imperial icons and island-vibe patches that fit that tropical, sun-soaked experience. The
Performance Rope Cap is an excellent option, providing a blank slate to have some creative fun
in the sun.

If customizing your own golf hat isn’t your speed, we’ve got a variety of hats already designed
for you that are perfect for a tropical vacation look in our Vacation Time collection. There’s
bound to be an option that speaks to you and will be perfect whether you’re sitting at the 17th
hole or heading to the beach.

Show Your Florida Pride

If you’re a local or just love visiting the Sunshine State, design a hat with a little bit of Florida on
it with icons that are available in the Tailgate Collection. Show everyone in Ponte Vedra that you
love the state you’re in with an outline of Florida embroidered on the face.

Another option for showing off some state pride? Put Florida’s state flower – orange blossoms,
from the State Flowers Collection – on a customized golf hat. If you’re really looking for
something that will keep your head cool, consider putting it on a mesh back hat or a Tour Visor®.

Customize Cool Hats With Flamingos

Maybe this will be the year you see a flamingo in Florida! Especially if you spend some time in
the Everglades during your trip, make sure you’re dressed appropriately for seeing these pink
birds in a customized golf hat with the popular golfing flamingo from the Imperial Mascots
. These embroidered designs really stand out from the crowd.

One idea if you want to go for a tropical island look in recognition of the TPC Sawgrass 17th
hole is to put a flamingo on one of our floral printed hats for the ultimate vacay golf hat look. The
Performance Ponytail Hat comes in a variety of colorful floral prints that would look great with
the addition of a flamingo icon.

Embrace Your Love for Golf

Our Structured Performance Hat is a great option for those who want flexibility and style when it
comes to their ball caps. And what better way to represent your love for the game than by
adding a unique golf-inspired patch to the front?

Let your imagination guide you when designing your personalized golf hat – Imperial has a
number of creative patch designs that playfully give a nod to the game in a way that’s cheeky,
silly and fun.

Look great and have fun doing it with a crafty design made specifically for you.

Find the Right Players Championship Hats and Gear from Imperial

Imperial has an extensive collection of golf hats and other merchandise to round out your look
for the upcoming Players Championship.

Whether you’ve decided to design your own hat for The Players Championship (with or without
some island vibes) or are looking forward to browsing the available Imperial merch at the Fan
Shop, there’s no doubt this year’s tournament will be an exciting one.

We’ll see you down in Florida, hopefully sporting an awesome new golf hat.