Golf isn’t just a game of skill and patience – it’s also a showcase of style. As golf enthusiasts look to blend functionality with elegance, Imperial’s collaboration with Peter Millar epitomizes the intersection of fashion and sport. 

With our latest collection of world-class Peter Millar belts highlighting collegiate teams, Imperial isn’t just making a statement on the fairways; we’re redefining creative expression in the world of golf.

Our Acquisition of J.T. Spencer Makes this Peter Millar Belt Collection Possible

How did we make this collection possible? We’re thrilled to have recently acquired J.T. Spencer, the official belt licensee of Peter Millar. 

This marks a significant milestone for us and the Peter Millar collection of Imperial belts. This strategic move further strengthens our position not only on the golf course but beyond. We’re so excited about the opportunities this partnership brings.

But it’s not just that, with the acquisition of J.T. Spencer, we’re committed to continuing our tradition of excellence by integrating their craftsmanship and expertise with ours. This collaboration promises an exciting future for fans of Peter Millar belts, as it represents a fusion of heritage and innovation that will elevate the golf belt experience to new heights.

The Essence of Peter Millar: Synonymous with Sophistication

Peter Millar has become synonymous with timeless style, meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. This trademark excellence continues to resonate within our new belt collection. Each belt in our series is a testament to quality, sporting premium materials like rich, full-grain leather and thick, resilient cotton to withstand the rigor of both play and presentation.

With the heritage of American craftsmanship coursing through every stitch, these belts are proudly made in the USA, confirming our commitment to unrivaled quality.

Unveiling the New Collection: Where Tradition Meets Trend

We were more than excited to unveil our latest Peter Millar belt collection, signaling a fresh perspective on golf accessories. In a world where golf apparel and accessories can often seem uniform and bland, our new offerings allow us to stand out with subtlety. 

Here’s a snapshot of what golf aficionados can anticipate with our exciting Peter Millar belt collection.

Premium Construction to Last Every Round

Crafted with the finest cotton webbing and accented with original embroidery, these belts aren’t just accessories, but statement pieces that can’t be ignored. The solid brass buckle with a brushed nickel finish adds a hint of luxury that elevates your golf ensemble.

Sizing Made Simple

Navigating belt sizes can be as challenging as choosing the right club for a par 3, but you don’t have to worry with Imperial belts. This collection introduces simplicity in selecting the correct size.

Express Yourself with Every Stripe and Pattern

From distinguished colorways and microprints to stripes and prints, Imperial’s Peter Millar belts are more than just a practical addition; they’re an opportunity to express yourself in fun and exciting ways. Whether your style is bold and bright or classically subdued, these belts offer the perfect punctuation to your golfing wardrobe.

Celebrating Alma Mater: A Tribute to Tradition

Who doesn’t love repping their university swag, right? And what better way to weave that chapter of your life into your favorite game while you’re playing than with a clever accessory? These belts let you pay homage to your college days with style and elegance.

The concept of paying homage profoundly resonates within the world of college sports and academics. Peter Millar belts creatively embed this tradition by crafting belts that celebrate specific colleges. 

By incorporating the colors, logos and spirit of these colleges and universities into the design and construction of each accessory, each belt becomes a wearable token of respect toward your respective college. This transforms each golf belt from just an accessory to so much more.

For many, college was a time of excitement and growth and discovery and these belts help to capture that spirit, giving you the chance to reignite that passion again on and off the golf course.

As you dive into the frenzy of the March Madness Basketball Tournament, let your Peter Millar belt be a testament to your unwavering support and collegiate pride. Wear it with pride and let it serve as a reminder of the unity and spirited competition that makes March Madness a highlight of the collegiate sports calendar.

Celebrate Your Team with Style: Peter Millar NCAA Belts

As March Madness grips the nation with its thrilling upsets and buzzer-beaters, it’s time to show support for your top-ranked teams in the most stylish way possible. Here’s a spotlight on four standout belts representing some of the best in college basketball.

University of Arizona Wildcats

For fans of the University of Arizona Wildcats, the Peter Millar University of Arizona Belt is a must-have. Crafted with premium cotton webbing and accented with rich, full-grain leather, this belt features the iconic logos embroidered for a distinctive display of support. The solid brass buckle, plated in brushed nickel, adds a sophisticated touch, making it a versatile addition to both casual and semi-formal attire. It’s not just a belt; it’s a declaration of pride and loyalty to the Wildcats.

Shop the Peter Millar University of Arizona Belt

University of North Carolina Tar Heels

Tar Heels fans know the importance of tradition and excellence, qualities reflected in the Peter Millar University of North Carolina Belt. Show your support for the University of North Carolina with this elegantly designed belt, which blends fashion with fanaticism. Emblazoned with the school’s cherished logos and colors, it serves as a stylish emblem of your allegiance during March Madness and beyond.

Shop the Peter Millar University of North Carolina Belt

Iowa State University Cyclones

Cyclones supporters will appreciate the attention to detail in the Peter Millar Iowa State University Belt. This belt perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Iowa State University, with its bold logos and colors standing out against the premium cotton webbing. The craftsmanship ensures durability and style, making it an ideal accessory for any game day, gathering, or casual outing where you want to display your Cyclones pride boldly.

Shop the Peter Millar Iowa State University Belt

University of Tennessee Volunteers

For the Volunteers’ faithful, there’s the Peter Millar University of Tennessee Belt, a striking accessory designed to celebrate your team’s successes and heritage. This belt combines functionality with fervor, featuring the University of Tennessee’s logos and colors rendered with quality materials. Whether you’re on campus, at a watch party, or simply going about your day, this belt is a great way to keep your team spirit close.

Shop the Peter Millar University of Tennessee Belt

The Intersection of Versatility and Style & a Testament to Collegiate Pride

Imperial and Peter Millar have created more than high-quality accessories through these meticulously crafted belts; we’ve created a narrative of respect, tradition and support for these prestigious institutions. Each belt, in paying homage to specific colleges, allows alumni, students and fans to carry a piece of their beloved institution with them, blending style with sentiment. 

The collection stands as a testament to the enduring connection between an individual and their alma mater, making each piece a cherished belonging in one’s wardrobe. 

But it’s not just that – the style and versatility factor of these men’s belts is undeniable. They straddle the line between the trend-setting and the timeless, ensuring that your Imperial belt will always feel in the right place no matter what the current fashion landscape looks like.

Imperial and Peter Millar – A Testament to Collegiate Pride

In golf, as in life, the smallest details make the biggest impact. The Imperial Peter Millar belt collection embraces this philosophy, proving once again that we, at Imperial, are at the forefront of golf fashion. With the launch of this new collection, we’re giving golfers everywhere the tools to convey their individuality and collegiate pride, all the while respecting the game’s deeply rooted traditions. Swing on over to the Peter Millar belt collection to snag the fit that’s right for you

Enhancing your March Madness experience goes beyond just cheering for your favorite collegiate basketball team; it’s about showing your unwavering support and pride in every possible way. As the tournament heats up and the nation’s best college teams fight for glory, your outfit plays a crucial role in expressing your allegiance. This is where the collaboration between Peter Millar and Imperial steps in, offering a stylish and spirited way to celebrate your team throughout the March Madness Basketball Tournament.

Experience the new collection of Imperial Peter Millar belts firsthand and embark on a journey where every round is an opportunity to not only play your best but also look your best. After all, in golf, success isn’t only about the score – it’s about the statement you make from the moment you step onto the course. Update your wardrobe and your game, with some of the best golf belts around.

With an Imperial Peter Millar men’s golf belt fastened securely, you’re not just ready to play; you’re ready to impress.