Temperatures are dropping, which means it’s time for golf beanies, corduroy rope hats and new fall-themed logos. Whether you love our Keep Warm Collection or want to design your own fall or winter golf hat, Imperial has the most stylish logos and styles to keep you ahead of the trends.

Below, you’ll find our favorite fall and winter activities along with which hat and icons pair perfectly with them. There are so many moments to celebrate as the year comes to a close, so why not commemorate them with the Keep Warm Collection?Of course, if you’d rather design your own hat, you can choose from several of our newest fall logos, including a jack o’lantern, a golf ball skeleton, a maple leaf or double axes. Heading into the winter, you can also find a snowmobile, skiers, hockey, our favorite flamingo and, of course, Santa! Simply drop your favorite logo onto any hat style with our online hat designer tool.

Funny Holidays Hats to End the Year Strong

holiday golf hats

Holidays are always fun to celebrate with a golf hat. Whether you’re still able to play golf this time of year, are obsessed with the game no matter the season or are missing your daily dose of birdies and bogeys, Imperial golf hats have golf-related holiday logos you can’t miss.

For Halloween, avoid dressing up for your friend’s party by sporting our jack o’lantern or golf ball skeleton hat. These golf hats are also the perfect accessory to accompany your kids, nieces, nephews, etc. on their trick-or-treating run.

When the snow starts falling and the elves are putting the finishing touches on their gifts, it’s time to change gears to our Santa hat. Whether you’re just a huge fan of Santa Claus or you’re the St. Nick of the family, this Santa golf hat is sure to bring you joy this holiday season.

Beanies & Bonfires

There’s no way you’ve made it through fall without having a bonfire – hopefully your golf beanie was in attendance as well. Cozy sweaters, flannel jackets, warm boots – all you need is a cute fall hat to top off your look. Add any of our new fall logos, like the double axe icons, to your favorite golf beanie or go for the already-designed axe logo on our soft, corduroy rope cap. Next step: make s’mores.

Make Your Own Hat for Your Holiday Parties

It’s also the time of year to make your own hat to wear while sampling all the finest beverages at the holiday parties filling up your calendars. Take one of our warmer styles, like the wool knit hats or even a bucket hat, and add one of our awesome refreshment icons to it. Nothing says party like sporting your drink of choice on a hat; from beer and old fashioned’s to tequila sunrises and screwdrivers, Imperial has your favorite cocktails as patches for your golf cap designs.

Custom Hat Designs for Football Games

Football season is in the air, which means you need to rep your team now more than ever. With our Tailgate Collection, you can either choose an already-designed state hat or personalize your own hat. Choose a rope hat or mesh back hat to represent your favorite NFL or college team this season. (Hint: if you really want to make your rivals sweat, put in a custom order for our wholesale golf caps – you can even upload your own design!).

Winter Golf Hats for Winter Sports

Winter Golf Hats for Winter Sports

Winter sports are always fun to play and support, especially with the Winter Olympics on the horizon. Check out our new hockey and skier logos, as well as our ski patrol and snowmobile hats. 

No matter if you’re on the ice, in the stands or still on a golf course because you live in a nice climate, wearing one of our winter golf hats will get you in the competitive spirit. Remember, you can also use our personalized hat tool to add whichever logos to any of our awesome hat styles (like our cool trucker hats).

Designing personalized golf caps is the best way to memorialize the activities that bring us closer together at the end of the year. Whether you’re celebrating the holidays with family or rooting on your favorite teams with your friends, there’s an Imperial hat for every occasion. Design your own hat or choose one of our trending hats today.