Richard Blanco is living the dream. What’s that quote about not working a day in your life if you love what you do? Well, that’s the lifestyle he created when he started SlackerTide, and that’s why Imperial is excited to announce our collaboration with him.

SlackerTide is all about chill vibes and great style. Add in some humor and inspiration to live life to the fullest, and you know what SlackerTide is all about.

What began as a love of fishing (and eventually golf) evolved into a creative outlet that pairs perfectly with the Imperial brand. Richard has designed a SlackerTide collection with us, and we know you’re going to love all of his new golf designs!

Imperial and SlackerTide are now offering hats with the original performance fit, performance retro fit rope cap and even a fun Tour Visor! You can find hats in breathable and soft-structured polyester and unstructured cotton (with a sweatband inside the crown). And the best part? Imperial is releasing limited edition rope colors like teal and purple for this collab!

Don’t miss out on these awesome hats with fun golf logos. While you check them out, learn more about the founder and artist behind SlackerTide in our interview with him below:

  1. We have been following @SlackerTide for a while now. How did you start?

SlackerTide started as a creative outlet for me. I would share fishing related illustrations on Instagram just for a laugh. They were usually humorous or parodying in nature. Pretty soon, its popularity started to grow, and I had lots of folks sending me messages wanting to buy products. I put together a little online shop and started selling.

  1. What is your background as an artist and a fisherman?

I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a child and never stopped. And I’ve been fishing since I was a kid, too. Growing up in South Florida afforded me the opportunity to do lots of different types of fishing. It wasn’t until I started SlackerTide that I started mixing art and fishing. Prior to SlackerTide, I mostly focused on abstract art.

  1. Where do you find inspiration for your art and illustrations?

Inspiration usually comes from pop culture, movies, and music of my youth, but I also try to create pieces that are trending online to stay current.

  1. Where does golf fit in for you as an interest?

So, I’m really a newcomer to golf. My amazing wife bought me a set of clubs for Christmas about two years ago. I started timidly going to the driving range and played a few rounds. And now I just love it! I grew up golf adjacent… golf courses all around me, but I never played.  What I quickly realized is how similar the golfing and fishing communities are. So, after I got into golf, I immediately started integrating it into SlackerTide. I wasn’t sure how my following was going to react to the shift, but it has been tremendously popular!

  1. What’s in the future for SlackerTide?

The future of SlackerTide… Well, I’m really happy with its current state. I’m still just operating the brand by myself. I design everything, manage the website, mail out orders, etc. I also get to work on a lot of collaborations with other really cool brands, which is a blast. So, for the time being, I plan to keep it pleasantly small and independent.