Seth McWhorter x Imperial is a collaboration with one of our favorite single-human creative studios. Seth is the founder, chairman and (self-named) janitor of McWhorter Creative. You may recognize his work in our Golf Designs collection where his playful logos speak to the heart of every golf enthusiast with a sense of humor. The combination Seth’s designs paired with Imperial’s iconic styling makes for a pretty sweet hat.

Read our interview with the man behind the art below, and browse his newest art on your favorite caps in Imperial x Seth McWhorter. From rope hats to mesh back hats, from fun golf logos to funny golf logos, this hat collection is for every golfer. And if for some reason it’s not, you can take Seth’s logos and design your own hat.

Seth McWhorter Golf Hat Collection: Rope Hats, Mesh Back Hats, Patch Hats & More!

Golf Mesh Back Hats & Golf Trucker Hats

Most of the Seth McWhorter collection will be made on mesh back hats. It only makes sense to pair the new golf logos with the cool vibes the golf mesh back hat gives off. In addition to these hats having different structures and styles, every hat is breathable and colorful.

The mesh back hat styles in this collection feature the Catch and Release, the Structured Performance Mesh and the North Country Trucker Cap.

Golf Rope Hats

Surprise, surprise – the golf rope hat in this collection is also a mesh back! The Pagosa Mesh Back Rope Cap combines the most stylish features of each hat type and voila – a masterpiece! If you prefer something different, don’t forget you can always design your own golf rope cap.

Golf Lightweight Cotton Caps

You will find Seth McWhorter’s designs on our Zero Lightweight Cotton Cap, which comes in a plethora of colors. With the light material and a solid structure, this cotton golf hat is sure to be comfortable  – especially in humidity!

Design Your Own Hat with McWhorter Creative

One of Imperials’ biggest pleasures is knowing you can take your creativity to the next level and design your own golf hat to your liking. With our personalized hat tool, you can choose your favorite rope cap or meshback hat and pair it with one of Seth’s golf designs. Take our custom hat designs to the next level with the McWhorter Creative logos.

Meet Seth McWhorter: Golf Hat Designer Extraordinaire

We had the opportunity to ask Seth some more questions about his newest golf hat designs. From what he tells us, he puts a lot of thought into his golf logos, so we’re sure you’re going to love them as much as we do. Plus, read about which golf hat design Seth is most excited about…

  1. Over the years, you’ve had the opportunity to work with some really cool brands on a variety of projects. You’ve created designs for packaging, apparel, branding and advertising… (Besides your new collaboration with Imperial) what have been some of your favorite projects?

It’s been a privilege to work with so many brands and individuals over the past few years that share the same passions and interests that I do. Narrowing down to a list of favorites would be impossible, but I have found that my favorite projects are the ones that create lasting relationships with a client. 

I have the good fortune of working with clients that I now consider friends. The guys at No Laying Up have been wonderful clients and supporters of my work over the past 2-3 years, which has led to more work with good folks at Sweetens Cove, Zac Blair with the Buck Club, Tom Pashley at Pinehurst, (obviously Imperial!) and the list goes on. I realize now that I’m not answering the question, but each project becomes a “favorite” at some point – sometimes just not until long after it’s finished… 

  1. Do you enjoy any kind of design more than any others (typography, logo design, layout, etc.)? Do you consider yourself to specialize in any one type of design?

My enjoyment of individual aspects of design definitely fluctuates. Logo design is certainly what I spend the majority of my time working on, but it can be a grueling and frustrating process sometimes. 

I’ve recently had a few opportunities to work on mascot or character designs, which I’ve found fun and rewarding. I’ve certainly started gravitating towards a certain style of illustration that shows up in my logo/branding work as well as the commercial illustration work I often get hired for. It’s sort of a soft and loose illustration style that borders on being cartoonish. I think it’s approachable but deceptively clean and unique.

A lot of clients come to me and say, “I want you to do something in your own style,’ but in reality they have a specific set of guidelines and criteria that subconsciously influences their evaluation of the work. Therefore, I have to ask the right questions, fully understand the context within which the work will exist, and then choose the best type or style of design.

I’ve found that if you’re going to be successful and make a living in the design world, you have to specialize in the type of design that solves the clients problems and meets their needs in the most creative, visually appealing way possible.

  1. On your Instagram, you sometimes show the process of your sketches becoming digital art. Is sketching always part of your process?

Absolutely, however, I have a very loose definition of “sketching.” Sure, 80% of the time, my “sketching” takes the form of actual pencil and paper. Sometimes it’s an Apple Pencil and my iPad. Sometimes it’s straight into Adobe Illustrator and away we go. But every project starts with an exploration phase where I am tinkering, iterating, and evolving the work to a point where I’m ready to share it with another human being. The process work I’m sharing on my Instagram is probably .01% of the actual work that goes into a design. There’s only so much I can or want to share with the world. The rest is probably best hidden away.

  1. What is your favorite design in the new Imperial x Seth McWhorter Collection, and what is the story behind it?

While most people probably won’t get the reference, I’m a big fan of “The Kid”, which is my re-creation of the video game character from Mario Golf on Game Boy Color. Yes, it’s very “if you know, you know”—and probably won’t sell all that well—but that character takes me back to when I was 12 years old, sitting in the backseat of my parents car on the way to a junior golf tournament. I remember the glare on the screen was always an issue with the Game Boy. But man, those were the days. I still have my Game Boy Color and the game with my original character intact—I might try and get a round in this afternoon.

  1. How has McWhorter Creative grown/evolved in 2020? What’s next for your studio in 2021?

Like the rest of the world, 2020 was a learning experience in every aspect of life. As it was my first full year running a solo creative studio, it was about simply cranking out as much work as I could reasonably handle because I really didn’t know what the future held (especially in such a crazy world). 

2020 provided some tough learning experiences, mostly having to do with the amount of work I was taking on and how much to charge for it. Design is not a product you can hold in your hands—so selling its value can be a challenge. Not only do you have to sell the idea of the design, then you have to do the damn work! But I have a strong belief that there is tremendous value when design is done well, and that should be reflected in how much I charge for it. 

As for 2021, I obviously remain focused on the quality of my work, but I have a keener eye on the business side of things—charging for the work, scheduling projects, saying “no” when necessary, and understanding how to run a business that’s centered around my own ability to come up with ideas and solve problems creatively within real world constraints. I operate a business where the reward for good work is more work, so I hope it keeps coming. 

The 2021 Imperial x Seth McWhorter Collection is sure to fulfill all your wildest golf dreams (except for a hole in one). Enjoy Seth’s golf hat designs and choose your favorite from his collection or design your own with our online hat designer tool.