If you’ve got the winter blues and are craving a little fun in the sun, get ready to pack your bags
and book your tickets to Phoenix, Arizona, for the WM Phoenix Open this February.

Imperial will be on the ground with golf hats and apparel to keep you safe from the sun in style,
with a variety of hat types and ways to even make a custom hat. Stop by the booth to pick up
some brand-new WM Phoenix Open hats or golf t-shirts to look your best.

What Is the WM Phoenix Open?

For those who don’t already know, the WM Phoenix Open is one of the most highly anticipated
events on the PGA Tour – it’s commonly known as “The Greatest Show On Grass.”

This tournament, occurring in February this year, is one of the first events on the PGA Tour. It’s
one of the most-attended events on the tour, with 700,000 viewers in attendance each year.
That also makes it one of the loudest.

In fact, with golf fans surrounding the tournament on all sides, the event boasts what’s known in
the golf world as “the loudest hole in golf” at the par 3 #16.

But if you’re planning on attending the tournament, you’re going to need to make sure you have
the right gear in tow. We’re here to help you select the perfect golf tournament hat for your trip to
the Southwest so you can stay cool and comfortable, all while looking stylish.

Imperial Hats Onsite at the WM Phoenix Open in 2023

Since Imperial will be in the merchandising tents in Phoenix, you’ll have the best selection of
golf hats at your fingertips. Choose your favorite golf hat style, from the Original Fit Performance
Cap to the Original Rope Cap. There are even hats in kids’ sizes and styles if you’re bringing
along your little ones.

If you like bold prints and patterns, you’ll find some of our most popular hat styles in floral and
tropical prints, perfect for sunny days. All Imperial golf caps are made with breathable,
moisture-wicking fabrics, which will keep you feeling comfortable no matter the weather.

Best Golf Hat Styles to Wear to the WM Phoenix Open

If you’d rather have a golf hat in your hat caddie before you arrive, Imperial has plenty of fun,
Arizona-themed designs. We carry a wide variety of designs and styles created to suit different
needs, whether you’re on or off the golf course or headed into snow or to the sunshine. When
you’re in Arizona, the best choices will be cotton/twill caps, sun hats, bucket hats, and golf visors
– all of which you can design and buy beforehand.

A full-coverage sun hat is the first style that comes to mind for sun protection because it shields
your face and neck. Put one of Imperial’s fun icons on it to give it a little personality, or really
make it your own by using the custom hat maker feature.

For something similar with not quite as much coverage, golf bucket hats are especially in style
now with lots of color and icon options.

The Paradigm Microprint Performance Bucket Hat is a great option for sun protection, and it
even comes in a desert print that lines the breathable fabric with a desert-scape design in wistful
colors. A customization is always an option too, and you can easily add your own flair with a
customized logo.

Additionally, the high crown style Tour Visor® that Imperial is known for also makes a good
option for fans of men’s golf visors and those who want something a little more classic. That
said, it’s hard to go wrong with a good, old-fashioned golf cap, and with Imperial’s attention to
the detail in overall fit and material, it’s a comfortable option that you’ll keep reaching for long after
you leave the golf tournament.

Once you’ve narrowed down the golf hat you want to wear in Phoenix, it’s time to consider the
right icons for your look. Here at Imperial, we have a large assortment of logos and icons in a
variety of styles, from patches to embroidery and beyond.

We’ve put together our picks based on the location and feel of the event, but we also give you
the low down on creating your own custom embroidered hats.

Get Creative With the Custom Hat Maker

Depending on the style and color you’re going for at the WM Phoenix Open, you may need to
design your own hat. It’s easy to choose your hat style and color and either select from
Imperial’s range of icons or even upload your own design to make a hat like no other.

One of the best parts is that there’s no minimum quantity for custom hats, so you can design
your own hat and just order one or buy five for all your buddies headed to Arizona this year.
From custom rope hats to visors and more, there is no shortage of style options to choose from.

But that can make the prospect of finding the right design even harder. That’s where Imperial
comes in.

When it comes to picking the right icon for the hat you want to wear to this famous golf
tournament, we’ve put together our picks based on the location and its vibes.

Show Some Embroidered Arizona Pride

If this isn’t your first visit to ‘The Grand Canyon state,’ and you’re already a big fan of its natural
beauty and desert landscape, put it on your golf hat and let everybody else know, too. In the
Tailgate Collection, you can find a whole range of icons relating to state shapes and state flags,
including Arizona. Pair it with a breathable, mesh-performance cap for added comfort and style.

If you’re more of a nature lover, though, you can find all sorts of flowers and plants in the State
Flower Collection. Arizona’s icon is especially cool because the state flower is a saguaro cactus.

Imagine rolling up to the WM Phoenix Open with custom performance caps featuring the
beautiful cacti all around you.

Our ability to embroider icons and logos also adds an edge to your hat style that’s unmatched.
Choose how you want to represent the state – whether it’s a minimalist outline or a cute, catchy

Pour Yourself a Nice, Cold Drink Under the Arizona Sun

There’s no doubt that in the hot Arizona sun you’re going to want a cool beverage, but did you
also know you can sport your favorite drinks on your hat? Find a variety of cocktails and bar
favorites in the Refreshments Collection.

For this particular PGA Tour stop, we especially like the beer pong icons, available as a
performance cap, golf rope hat and a bucket hat (unless you design your own hat!). This icon is
a fan favorite, and it’s sure to be a conversation starter on the 16th hole.

Bring out the Red, White and Blue

If you love sporting the stars and stripes whenever you get the chance, you probably don’t need
much convincing to check out the Americana Collection. There are several different options for
patriotic designs in our most popular hat styles.

Maybe a navy custom bucket hat covered in stars is calling your name, or you want something a
little more classic like a high crown Tour Visor®. These are golf hats you can wear over and over
again, especially when the Fourth of July rolls around.

Get Playful With Patches

Imperial offers patch-style customizations as well, offering even more opportunities to let your
personality shine while enjoying the warmth on the green.

Our collection of patches are extensive, from animals to edibles, silly puns and cheeky
wordings. You can really have fun with these patches, and you can slap them on a number of
stylish hat designs with our tool, from bucket hats to visors, performance caps and beyond.

Kickstart Your Fun in the Sun With WM Open Hats From Imperial

We couldn’t be more excited to head to the WM Phoenix Open, one of the most exciting PGA
Tour stops. We’re gearing up to laugh, shout and have a great time while looking our very best
in our decked out apparel.

When you’re browsing the merchandise tents, make sure to stop by Imperial to check out our
most popular hat styles and icons for this PGA Tour event. Stay cool out there!