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The Cruz


In partnership with TIUFTT, we’re launching a special Veterans Day Giveback Collection. Each unique style in this Collection was hand selected by a U.S. Veteran, and embroidered with their name, nickname or call sign in their honor. A portion of proceeds from this collection is given back to TIUFTT to go towards veteran services.

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The Cruz – Perforated Performance Cap – is named for U.S. Veteran Roberto Cruz.

Corporal Roberto Cruz was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico on September 5th, 1981 to Hector Cruz Sr. and Mildred Arocho. As a child, Roberto idolized his father, a Vietnam Veteran. After graduating high school, Roberto enrolled in College at University of Puerto Rico. After two years in college however, he realized that his true calling was to join the military. On June 10, 2003, he followed in his father’s footsteps and enlisted in the U.S. Army as an Infantryman. Roberto graduated from basic training at Ft. Benning GA and then went to airborne school. Upon graduation, he received orders that stationed him at Ft. Stewart GA with Alpha Company 2-7 Infantry of the 3rd Infantry Division.

In March 2004, Roberto began training for his anticipated deployment. In January 2005, he deployed to Tikrit, Iraq. Roberto was in Forward Operation Base Danger and his unit was the main combat element. Together, they completed several combat missions including raids, patrolling, and force protection. On August 14, 2005, while on a watch tower for guard duty, Roberto heard a big explosion and his ears began to ring. Initially he thought guard tower had been hit by a rocket propelled grenade (RPG), but soon realized it was him who had been shot by a sniper. The medic acted quickly and decided to medevac Roberto to emergency surgery. Roberto slipped into a coma during the airlift. Once stabilized, Roberto was sent to Landstuhl, Germany. It was discovered the bullet had ricocheted through his body and lodged into his spinal cord. Doctors were able to successfully remove the bullet. Roberto remained in a coma and was sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC where he would later wake.

Roberto was given the prognosis that he would never be able to walk again, but through faith and determination, he was convinced he could prove doctors wrong. He endured grueling physical therapy and was sent to James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa, FL to continue therapy and treatment. Slowly, he took his first steps with the use of a walking cane. Eventually by virtue of continued hard work, he began walking on his own. Over the years, Roberto has learned how to accept and live with his disabilities. He is grateful to be alive and will always be proud to have served this country because freedom doesn’t come free.

  • Performance fabric
  • Lightweight and breathable knit laminate lining
  • Micro laser perforation on side and back panels
  • Structured low-sweep profile
  • Micro-velcro elastic loop closure with garage tuck-in